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Here you can find a list of my go-to products!

MediPosture Ergo Patient Cushions

3.5-inch Classic Headrest

4-inch Classic Headrest

3.5-inch ICORE Headrest

4-inch ICORE Headrest

3.5-inch Classic Wide-Profile Memory Pillow

High Support Backrest

Instruments & Mirrors

Zirc Crystal HD Soft-Grip Mouth Mirrors

Mouth Mirror Magic Solution

American Eagle Sharpen-Free Instruments

Saddle Stools

Corwn Seating Saddle - Silverton C150D

Crown Seating Saddle - Durango c90SB

American Eagle Sharpen-Free Instruments

Loupes & Lights

LumaDent ErgoPrism Loupes

LumaDent Head Light

Evacuation Solutions

Mr. Thirsty: High-Vac Suctin

Ivory ReLeaf

Cordless Handpieces

Infinity Cordless Handpiece

Yoga Gear

Yoga Block & Strap

Yoga Strap

Yoga Pillow

Tennis Balls

Essential Oils & Pain Relief

Lavender Essential Oil

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Serenity Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Deep Blue Stick

Deep Blue Cream