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The Aligned Hygienist Discover the transformative power of yoga therapy, ergonomics, and healthy habits. Our specialized training programs are designed to alleviate the physical strains of dental professionals and cultivate a thriving, positive workplace.

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I’m a practicing dental hygienist turned Ergonomics Consultant and Yoga Therapist, and the founder of The Aligned Hygienist.

Why You Need Yoga
Therapy and Ergonomics

Dental hygienists often experience work-related physical discomfort, including back pain, neck stiffness, and hand strain, due to the nature of their job. Yoga therapy offers a holistic approach to addressing these challenges, focusing on:

Reduce Pain

 Tailored therapeutic yoga poses and stretches specifically target areas most affected by dental work, promoting pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Improve Posture

Strengthening and aligning the body to prevent the common postural issues faced by dental professionals.

Manage Stress

Breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques to manage stress, enhance focus, and elevate mood.

Happy Clients

Our office LOVED having Caitlin come in and teach us more about ergonomics. I learned so much. It definitely helped us as hygienists in advocating for materials that would benefit our bodies long term.

Jordan White

RDH, Kingston Family Dental

Caitlin was very engaging and welcomed questions throughout her presentation. She then shared very specific knowledge with each group in their own settings. She is a wealth of knowledge that I feel lucky to have connected with. Now I get to be the office paparazzi to catch team members in good and not-so-good ergonomic practices!

Kelly Druge

Office Manager, Kingston Family Dental

This was a great refresher on making myself a priority! Investing more time in stretching and yoga will now be a higher priority for me. I have started advocating for myself for better instruments and other investments in the op. Now to work on things outside of the op! Thank you so much for a great course! 

Amanda Elliot


Caitlin gave pertinent and helpful info. I am an RDH of 34+ years dealing with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. Just doing some of the stretches she taught in her class helped relieve some pain. Thank you for helping to improve my life!

Happy Attendee


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