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My Mission is

to help busy dental professionals LIKE YOU feel your best--body, mind, and energy.

With weekly episodes, and regular guest appearances from amazing humans, teachers, leaders in our industry, The Aligned Hygienist Podcast is here to talk about all things health, wellness, and personal & professional development for practitioners.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

xo, Caitlin

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Who is Caitlin Parsons & The Aligned Hygienist

In this episode, I share my story, my mission, and why I’m passionate about helping dental professionals overcome chronic pain and injuries, master posture and ergonomics, manage stress and overwhelm, and maximize their energy and focus.

Episode 2: Stress & Burnout in Dentistry w/ Dr. Shivani Kamodia Barto

In this episode, Dr. Shivani and Caitlin talk about stress and burnout in dentistry and the difference between the two. They discuss the ways stress and burnout appear in the dental industry and tools for managing and supporting yourself or your loved ones through stress and burnout.

Episode 3: Pivoting & Pacing Your Hygiene Career to fit the Seasons of your life w/ Lori Bulloch

Everyone’s journey looks different. Learn how Lori Bulloch, RDH and Yoga Teacher, and Caitlin have moved through their careers as Dental Hygienists to support themselves, their health, and their families. Caitlin and Lori share tips & tools that have helped them pivot throughout their career, so you can too!

Episode 4: Yoga as Therapy for Dental Professionals

Not all yoga is created equal but SOME yoga can be used to therapeutically support your health and well-being–in many ways.

As a Certified Yoga Therapist, chronic pain survivor, and Dental Hygienist, I’m EXTREMELY passionate about helping people understand yoga, and how yoga can be used therapeutically to help anyone, especially dental professionals, feel better in their bodies, minds, and energy.

Episode 5: Mindfulness in Dentistry w/ Heather Bolton

In this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, we’re talking to Heather Bolton about Mindfulness in Dentistry.

Heather and Caitlin talk all about Mindfulness in Dentistry. Heather, the Yogi Hygienist is the original founder of Yogateeth, podcaster, author, yoga teacher, and RDH. This episode is so juicy and we share so many tips for becoming more mindful, in addition to the NUMEROUS benefits to leading a more mindful lifestyle–in and out of the op.

Episode 6: Overcoming Chronic Pain & Independent Hygiene Practice with Leanne Higgs

In this podcast episode, we talk about Leanne’s journey through pain & injuries related to dentistry, spinal surgery, and how she overcame chronic pain through yoga therapy and better habits.

We also dive into Leanne’s journey of becoming the first hygienist licensed in the Caribbean and opening the first hygiene practice on the island of Turks and Caicos.

You won’t want to miss this one!

Episode 7: Limitless in Dentistry & Side Effect Support with Jill Meyer-Lippert

In this episode, I chat with Jill Myer-Lippert about Side Effect Support, an onlineresource for cancer patients, family caregivers, and healthcare providers to reduce harmful oral side effects of treatments, improving quality of life and treatment outcomes.

We also discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves physically and mentally without a cookie-cutter approach. Jill shares the reminder that we are all LIMITLESS!

Tune in and take a listen!

Episode 8: Breathwork and Yoga for Mental Health w/ Dr. Christian ~ Dental Yogi's

Welcome to another episode of The Aligned Hygienist Podcast. In this episode, we talk about the importance of mental health, utilizing breath work and yoga for our overall wellbeing (in & out of dentistry), and the Dental Yogi’s Revive Mission!

Episode 9: Ergonomics 101 Establishing Neutral Posture

In this episode of The Aligned Hygienist Podcast, I talk about Establishing Neutral Posture. This episode is the first episode in a new series all about Ergonomics.

Learning, understanding, and practicing proper ergonomics is crucial for anyone–in and out of the dental office. 

Episode 10: Overcoming Burnout & Reigniting your Passion in Dentistry with Tara Fournier

Welcome back to another episode of The Aligned Hygienist Podcast. Today, Caitlin talks with Tara Fournier, Dental Hygienist, Life Coach, and Reiki Master. We talk about all things related to burnout in dentistry and how to reignite the flame and find your passion again – in and out of the op. In this episode, Tara and I share some powerful practices to help you reconnect to yourself, your needs, desires, and your bigger vision. This is a must-listen-to episode you won’t want to miss!

Episode 11: Ergonomic Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

On this episode of The Aligned Hygienist Podcast, I share three common ergonomic mistakes dental professionals make. Often dental professionals don’t even realize they’re making these mistakes NOR do they realize the negative effects they cause on the body. I help you create a path towards better ergonomics by breaking old, bad habits and replacing them with better ones. Don’t miss this episode that’s filled with ergonomic tips!

Episode 12: Ergonomics in Temping with Astrida

Welcome back to another episode of The Aligned Hygienist Podcast. In this episode, I talk with Astrida Curtis about all things temping, and how we can establish good ergonomics when we’re traveling to different offices.

Astrida shares her best tips and practices for temping.

Episode 13: Setting Yourself Up for Ergonomic Success

In this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, we’re back to talking about Ergonomics. In this short but jam-packed episode, I share with you three powerful ways to set yourself up so you can have better ergonomics and practice more efficiently.

Poor ergonomics is one of the biggest issues that lead to practitioner pain and work-related injuries. Reduce your risk by setting yourself up for success, even if it’s one piece at a time.  Try new things, make mistakes, learn from them, and keep finding what works for you!

Episode 14: Creating Healthier Habits that Last!

In this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, we’re back to talking about healthy habits. In this short but jam-packed episode, I share with you some tips and ideas for creating healthier habits.

Whether it be exercise, diet, relationships, career, or even, or our thoughts… it’s important to take note and reassess our habits and patterns regularly to see if they’re truly supporting us.

Episode 15: Minimizing Stress in the Office

Stress in dentistry is real. In this solo podcast episode, I share some simple, powerful, and effective tools and practices to help reduce stress in the office so that you can practice with more ease!

This episode is jam-packed with new ideas, perspectives and ways to practice that will not only support YOUR health and wellbeing but the office and patient care as well.

Episode 16: Self-Care & Reflection for High-Performing Hygienists with Elaine Rodriguez

Welcome to another episode of The Aligned Hygienist Podcast! This week I chat with Elaine Rodriguez, owner & founder of Dental Laser Integrations and HygieneIntrapreneur. We talk about what it means to be a high-performing hygienist, your mindset means everything, and how to continuously thrive and grow in the dental industry.

In this episode we discuss:

– What the hygiene intrapreneur & Dental Laser Integrations is
– The importance of personal growth for a thriving career
– The power of self-care, tuning into yourself, and self-reflection
– Your Mindset is Everything
– Personal development & professional development
– Becoming a high-performing hygienist
– Finding the right resources & mentors for you
…And so much more. You’ll have to tune in, it’s so good.

Ep 17: Hygiene Career Coaching with Kimberly Augustus

In this episode, I chat with Kimberly Augustus on hygiene growth and career coaching. We talk about the gap between what you learn in school vs. real-world dentistry, why getting support is importance, and why you want to surround yourself with resources and community to help you thrive in the op.
Welcome back to another episode on The Aligned Hygienist Podcast. In this episode, I chat with Kimberly Augustus on hygiene growth and career coaching.

We talk about:

– The gap between what you learn in school & real-world dentistry
– Why getting support is helping
– How you can continue to grow in your career
– Surrounding yourself with the right people and mentors

Ep 18: Upleveling Hygiene Care with Joffree Bunleang

In this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, I chat with Joffree Bunleang, a hygienist and hygiene consultant. We discuss challenges, tips, and insights for hygienists and offices to create better systems, protocol, and team culture. 

In this episode, we discuss:

– Joffree’s journey as a hygienist to becoming a hygiene consultant

-The challenges hygienists & dental offices face day to day in the hygiene department

-Red flag offices to evaluate hygiene department

-How hygienists/dental offices can start to create a more cohesive team + hygiene department

-Optimizing team culture + office morale 

Ep 19: Emotional Intelligence & Team Growth with Cori Jameson-Khuel of Custom Dental Solutions

In this episode, I talk with Cori Jameson-Kuehl of Custom Dental Solutions about all things emotional intelligence, personal growth, and personality tests for team growth.

Ep 20: Understanding Ergonomics with Cindy Purdy

On this episode, I talk with Cindy Purdy about all things ergonomics, including awareness, creating change, signs vs symptoms of disease, practical things we can do to alleviate or prevent pain, and the Thrive! Ergonomic and Wellness Summit.

Ep 21: Taking Care of Yourself, Ergo Loupes & Community with Kaitlyn Melody

Description: In this episode, I talk with Kaitlyn Melody about all things practitioner self-care, ergonomic loupes, and building a community of dental support for your journey.

Ep 22: Burnout, Hygiene Shortage, and Continuing Education with Britt Glauz

On this episode, Britt and I talk about the hygienist shortage including stress, burnout, and other challenges hygienists face. We discuss the importance of continuing education and immersing yourself in a community of dental professionals to continue to learn, grow, and keep your passion for dentistry ignited.

Ep 23: Safety Culture & Infection Control with Michelle Strange, RDH

On this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, I talk with the amazing Michelle Strange, RDH. On today’s podcast, we talk about infection control and the importance of understanding infection prevention and incorporating it into offices with a safe team culture to protect ourselves and our patients.

Ep 24: Welcome to 2023: Updates + Reflective Prompts for 2023

Welcome to another year with The Aligned Hygienist! In this episode, I share some updates of what’s been going on behind the scenes, some new opportunities to get support in 2023, and we finish with a deep dive reflective and/or journaling process to help ring in 2023 with more clarity and ease!

Ep 25: Wellness Wednesday: Hand & Wrist Pain with Caitlin

Welcome to the first Wellness Wednesday! On this episode, Caitlin talks about hand and wrist pain for dental professionals. Whether you have hand/wrist pain, discomfort and tension, or you want to prevent pain, you don’t want to miss this episode. Caitlin reviews tools, resources, ergonomic tips, and products to help protect your most valuable asset: your hands!

Ep. 26: Your Values, Self-Care, Team Wellness & Success with Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt of The Mint Door

On this episode of the podcast, Caitlin talks with Dr. Laura Schwindt and Dr. Karen Tindall of The Mint Door. We talk about values, carrying extra weight around in the world, taking care of ourselves, and well-being as it relates to the whole-person and whole-practice success.

Ep 27 Wellness Wednesday: 3 Ergonomic Tips (1/18)

On this weeks Wellness Wednesday episode, Caitlin breaks down basic ergonomics tips and recommendations for those that are new on the ergonomics journey or want to return to the basics as a reminder!

Ep 28: Oral Cancer Screening & HPV with Susan Cotten

On this episode of The Aligned Hygienist, Caitlin talks with Susan Cotten about all things oral cancer screenings for dental professionals and dental teams. Susan is an educator, speaker, writer, and consultant, and the founder of The Cotten Method; an OCS method for dental practitioners. In this episode, she shares the WHY + the HOW behind screenings—this is a must-listen for all practitioners!

Ep 29: Wellness Wednesday: to Loupe or not to Loupe?

Welcome back to another Wellness Wednesday on The Aligned Hygienist Podcast. In this short episode, Caitlin talks about loupes: to loupe or not to loupe? Caitlin breaks down the different between traditional loupes and ergonomic loupes, the pros/cons, and why you should consider checking out ergonomic loupes when you’re ready—they’re a game-changer for your alignment + ergonomics!

Ep 30: Transitioning from Hygiene School to Practice with Astrida Curtis

On this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, Caitlin has Astrida Curtis back on the podcast to talk about how new hygienist graduates (students + RDHs) can navigate the transition through interviewing, temping, resume building, conquering the hour appointment, ergonomics, and more. Every student RDH and new RDH grad must listen!

Ep 32: Understanding OSHA + Importance of Safety Through Ergonomics with Melissa Masters

On this episode, Melissa Masters, RDH and founder of Dental CE Masters, a not-for-profit CE event company, and Caitlin discuss how to stay safe in the office, the importance of ergonomics to reduce risk, and what to do when a work-related injury occurs.

Ep 34: Stress, Burnout & Toxic Work Environments with Kari Carter-Cherelus

On this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, Caitlin talks with Stress & Burnout expert and key opinion leader, Kari-Carter-Cherelus. We talk about stress, burnout, and toxic work environments in dentistry, and we both share tips to you help you navigate them, helping you thrive in and out of the office.

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