The Yoga, Ergonomics, and Wellness Speaker

Caitlin is on a quest to transform the lives of dental professionals through her expertise in yoga therapy, ergonomics, and wellness. Attendees leave Caitlin’s talks, workshops, and events, whether online or face-to-face, feeling empowered, enlightened, and prepared to make meaningful changes.

Caitlin Parsons, RDH, C-IAYT, CEAS, is a practicing Dental Hygienist of 15 years with chronic pain turned Yoga Therapist, Ergonomics Consultant, and the founder of The Aligned Hygienist. After struggling with chronic and acute work-related pain, her pain became her purpose, and helping dental professionals practice pain-free and thrive in dentistry has been her mission.

Caitlin is a passionate public speaker, writer, influencer, and host for The Aligned Hygienist Podcast. Caitlin uses her personal and professional experiences to help dental professionals improve their posture, ergonomics, and overall health–in and out of the op. She shares practical, research-backed information, tools, and resources coupled with real-life stories and inspiration, to help dental professionals optimize their health and maximize their potential. 

Signature Talks and Sessions

Maximize Your Potential: Ergonomics + Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Relief (includes chair yoga class)

A 60-120 minute course geared towards all dental professionals, In this course, you will learn how to master your ergonomics and optimize your most valuable tool: your body. This course is for all dental professionals. You understand the science, tools, and practice to help anyone in the practice work with more ease and less pain! This class is a must for anyone interested in ergonomics and reducing pain!

Ergonomics in the Dental Office

A 60-90 minute course on ergonomics for dental professionals. In this course, you’ll learn the science behind sitting and how to implement proper ergonomics in the office. You’ll learn new tools and practices to support your mental and physical well-being, helping you to become a better clinician and leader. This class is a must for anyone interested in ergonomics and reducing pain!

Pain & Stress Management for Dental Practitioners

This 60-90 minute course is designed to help dental professionals understand the importance of taking care of ourselves as practitioners. You’ll learn different tools and practices, and the science around them, to help reduce stress and pain levels, so you can enjoy what you do and continue to provide the best quality care for your patients.

Overcome Burnout + Master Your Health

Burnout is common among hygienists and the dental industry as a whole. This course is designed to empower practitioners to listen to the quiet voice within, slow down, and take care of themselves. In this course, you’ll learn different tools, tips, and practices to help empower you in and out of the op. This course is for any dental professional that is navigating burnout or wants to prevent burnout.

Prioritize Your Health + Improve Patient Care

This course is designed for any dental professionals or dental team. In this 60-90 minute course, we’ll review the statistics around work-related pain and stress within dentistry, and review practices that help reduce stress, decrease pain and risk of injury, and teach you tools to build confidence to support your patients to the best of your ability.

Happy Attendees

This was a great refresher on making myself a priority! Investing more time in stretching and yoga will now be a higher priority for me. I have started advocating for myself for better instruments and other investments in the op. Now to work on things outside of the op! Thank you so much for a great course! 

Amanda Elliot


Thank you so much! Such a great class – looking forward to implementing a lot of these tips into my everyday routine

Andrea Leon-Aviles


Caitlin gave pertinent and helpful info. I am an RDH of 34+ years dealing with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. Just doing some of the stretches she taught in her class helped relieve some pain. Thank you for helping to improve my life!

Happy Attendee


Your course was wonderful and if we do it again I think it should be 2 hours, so much great content.Nicole Fortune, Young Innovations

Lauren Kanzigg

RDH, Young Innovations

Thank you for the amazing performance! The feedback received on your course was phenomenal.

Nicole Fortune

Young Innovations