Ellen, Esthetician - The Aligned Hygienist
Ellen, Esthetician
Yoga Therapy

Ellen, Esthetician

“Caitlin helped me to heal my body. I am a full-time Esthetician and have been practicing for 15 years. Years of bad posture and lots of repeated motions left my hands, arms and neck a mess. I was in extreme pain with numbing and tingling down my shoulder, arm and hands. Not only did she provide me with a personal program that can be done throughout my busy day, she also worked with me regularly at my office. My life changed. No more numbness and tingling in my arms. My posture has improved dramatically. This is an on-going therapy for me. It is so great to have such a well-educated professional in my circle to help improve my quality of life.”

— Ellen, Esthetician & Owner of Skin Essentials

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